Mother Meera Foundation USA Purchases Property in the United States

Boone NC

Mother Meera Foundation USA now has a home in the US! The property is on twenty acres of land on Heavenly Mountain, in Boone, NC, in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Also, feel free to visit the Mother Meera Foundation Boone facebook page

Boone NC Boone NC

Mother has visited the house multiple times in the past couple of years, starting in May 2012 when she gave Darshan in Boone for 7 days. Mother has also given Darshan at the newly refurbished Heavenly Mountain Community Center in Boone in May 2017, April and September 2015, and May 2013. Please see the Boone Darshan page for more information. Mother is always warmly received by the community and Darshans are well attended.

Boone NC Boone NC

The site has stunning views and Mother Meera Foundation USA hopes to be able to use the house for Darshan related activities.